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The club was started in January 1997. Already before I in 1996 passed 100 species from my yard I had the thougt to start a Club Yard 100, in order to find out how many birds that are seen from yards in Sweden.

To be a member in Club Yard 100 you must have seen 100 bird species from your yard according to the rules stated in Tomtskådning från början (only in Swedish sofar). In short the rules say that you must make the observation from your yard, but the bird has not to be in your yard. Heard only birds are also counted. I have restricted the Club to Swedish yards only. The membership in CY1 is free of charge. The club is based on this and related web pages, no other information is available.

National championship
In 1998 the first national championship in yard birding was held. In the championships you try to see as many different species as possible during 24 hours, from your own yard.

Year Date Winner Number of species Number of participants
1998 12 September Christer Andersson, Halland 89 43 yards, 48 birders
1999 28 August Cecilia Johansson and Christian Cederroth, Öland. 101 55 yards, 60 birders
2000 2 September Jan Uddén, Bohuslän 91 56 yards, 81 birders
2001 25 August Lasse Tydén, Gotland 92 58 yards, 98 birders
2002 14 September Christian Cederroth, Öland. 95 72 yars, 111 birders!!!
2003 13 september Cecilia Johansson och Christian Cederroth, Öland. 100 56 yards, 87 birders
2004 4 september Anders Kornestedt, Halland 105 60 yards, 87 birders
2005 3 september Anders Kornestedt, Halland 106 66 yards, 109 birders
2006 2 september Christian Cederroth and Tobias Berger, Öland 109 68 yards, 100 birders
2007 1 september Anders Kornestedt, Halland. Other participants Stephan Sundström and Jan Ohlson.
109 83 yards, 125 birders Record!
2008 6 september Anders Kornestedt, Halland. Other participants Stephan Sundström and Håkan Thorstensson. 103 65 yards, 101 birders

Backyard Birders are numerous!
"Every five years the Bureau of the Census and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service cooperate on a national Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation. The 1991 survey found that 63.1 million adults feed wild birds at home (the backyard birders)..." (Winging It, October 1996)

Paul Lehman and Shawneem Finnegan, Cape May, USA tallied their 300th yard-bird, a Black-tailed Gull, in December 1998. (Winging It, November 1999). A world record?

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